Take Your Driving To The Next Level 🏁🏎

Have you got what it takes to take on the FULL South Circuit of Sydney Motorsport Park?

⚠️ Stage 2 - Amaroo South Circuit ⚠️

As a valued customer of the Anglo Team we would like to offer you the opportunity to test your driving skills on a longer track.

The Amaroo South Circuit is the newest addition to the Sydney Motorsport Park complex, it extends out to a 1.8km track with 13 x challenging corners!

🏁 Package Inclusions 🏁

1.8km Tack - Double the length of Stage 1

13 Challenging corners including a tight technical hairpin

Constant change of direction and elevation

Support from our qualified Race Team

The same Championship Winning Race Cars as used in Stage 1

Entry into our Stage 3 - The Formula Ford Driving Technique

The Cars You Will Be Driving 🏎

What some of our customers had to say

"The opportunity to drive the full Amaroo circuit was too good to miss and I wasn’t disappointed. The back section of the track is a real challenge and I’ll need at least another 20 laps to get close to feeling comfortable with it."

Craig Franklin

I had a ball and would recommend this for anyone. Thank you for the great experience and I will be back for sure to have another crack.

Matt Woodward

"Had an awesome afternoon for the Stage 2 session. The Anglo prepared cars were first class and a pleasure to drive. The use of the full South Circuit made it an excellent experience and I look forward to the next time you run a Stage 2 session. I will be back."

Matt Davis

Lap Options 👇

🏎 Length Of Experience 🏎

You will need to allocate 2-3 hours at Sydney Motorsport Park for this experience.

Remember the excitement and adrenaline rush you felt at Stage 1?

Well Stage 2 is going to blow that out of the water!

Think you can handle it?

🏆 Exclusive 🏆

This event is only available to drivers who have successfully completed a Stage 1 Experience.

The good news is, you won't be held up by slower, inexperienced drivers.

This means you will need to bring your ‘A Game’ so that you're not left behind…

Stage 2 Walkthrough ft. Jayden Ojeda

Lap Options 👇

🙏 Our Mission 🙏

"Give Every Customer The Best Day Of Their Lives"

- Tim Beale -