Commonly known as SMSP

Sydney Motorsport Park is owned by the NSW Government and is operated by the Australian Racing Drivers’ Club.

It is Sydney’s only permanent race track, and one of just two permanent race circuits in Australia that hold a FIA / FIM Grade 2 International Licence.

This purpose-built Motorsport facility west of Sydney features a number of circuit configurations to suit a wide range of Motorsport activities; the Brabham, Gardner, Druitt and Amaroo.

For our Stage 1 Driving Experiences we utilise the Corporate Hill Section of the Amaroo (South) Circuit which is approximately 1 km long.

Once you have successfully completed a Stage 1 Event we invite you to take on our more challenging Experiences on longer sections of Track!

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F1-Style Driving Experiences

Powered by the Australian Racing Drivers’ Club

Whether you’re a competitor racing or riding the track, an enthusiast wanting to unleash the full potential of your car or bike or just looking to soak up the excitement as a spectator at the many exciting events, Sydney Motorsport Park in Eastern Creek, NSW has something for every motoring enthusiast.

THE ARDC is a not-for-profit Club which runs Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek.
For seventy years, the ARDC has been more than just a club for drivers & riders – it has played a proud and privileged role as an integral part of Australia’s motor racing heritage, and the foundation upon which Australian motor racing will continue to build into the future.
With such a passionate Member base, the ARDC is the heart & soul, and unrivalled driving force, of Australian motorsport.


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