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- 5★ Customer Experience -

Anglo Racing Academy prides itself on providing a seem-less 5✯ Customer Experience.

We offer a Premium Product and understand that you expect nothing less than a Premium Service.

- Our Company Mission -

Anglo Racing Academy have made it our mission to:

"Give Every Customer The Best Day Of Their Lives"

- Previous Clients Include -

- Brand Recognition -

We understand that image is important, which is why we have number of options that your event can include:

Branded Livery on our Race Cars


Branded Apparel


Trophy Presentations


The sky really is the limit!

Picture of a Formula Ford Racing Car facing head on at Sydney Motorsport Park race track. F1 Style Driving Experience

The Cars Your Clients Will Be Driving 🏎

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- Event Details -

Depending on availability and group size we can offer Full, Half Day or 3 Hour Events between the hours of 08:00am - 17:00pm


Transportation to / from the event is generally the participants responsibility, but we can arrange if required.


Registration & Induction - After Registration you will receive briefing notes outlining the schedule for your event before you watch our briefing video.


Familiarisation & Technique - Drivers will be taught the fundamentals of Racing, including car controls, efficient cockpit work, correct braking, gear change and cornering technique.


Instructors monitor performance and tailor advice to individual needs and abilities. We know what we are talking about.


Our Instructors include 2 x Current Formula Ford Champions, Race Team Engineers and Race Team Director - Tim Beale


The Teams - Drivers are able to participate on and off the track. When they are not driving they can assist in pit stops, time keeping and flag marshalling which will help build team work, whilst at the same time refining their individual racing skills.


Behind The Wheel - Drivers will put into practice all of the techniques they have been taught and complete their adrenaline fuelled laps. We recognise consistency as being the benchmark for success.


Refuel - The Teams are re-energised with lunch giving an opportunity to bond and compare notes.


Back To The Action - As the drivers skill increase, lap performances are fine tuned and speeds will increase. Teams will work together to ensure swift and smooth pit stops and you will see a touch of health rivalry.


The Celebration - After all the Teams have finished driving, our Race Team Director - Tim Beale will present awards and trophies.

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We took a team of 28 customers out to the track yesterday.

It was a fantastic experience, great way to get to know your clients and their hidden speed demons.

As a customer, our company Centric found the experience, professionalism, patience and attention that was shown to our clients by Anglo was fantastic. Planning my next day.




On behalf of the Dicker Data Telstra Services team, we wanted to say a huge thank youfor a great eventfor our partners and ourselves! I also wanted to say thank you for letting me be a part of the fast lapexperience, which I can now cross off my bucket list.

Thank you Anglo Racing Academy!

Lara Varrica


On behalf of the Johnnie Walker team, thanks again for your enthusiasm and hard work to make our event last week such a success.

This is what our client had to say:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Johnnie Walker Company and all those involved in making the event at Wakefield Park Racetrack such an Exciting, Thrilling, Spectacular and Brilliant experience. It was my first time in a Racing Car and it wont be the last!

Charlie Downing