Celebrating Women In Motorsport

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate Women in Motorsport and take you behind the scenes with our young female Championship Driver - Kiarra Jones, a Rising Star in Formula Ford Racing

  • Breaking Barriers and Chasing Dreams
  • Breaking Barriers and Chasing Dreams
  • Breaking Barriers and Chasing Dreams
Breaking Barriers and Chasing Dreams
Breaking Barriers and Chasing Dreams
Breaking Barriers and Chasing Dreams

Breaking Barriers and Chasing Dreams...

In the world of Motorsport, there are trailblazers who break barriers and inspire others to pursue their passion, regardless of gender. One such remarkable talent is Kiarra Jones, a formidable force in Formula Ford racing. Today, we celebrate her incredible journey and highlight the importance of encouraging more female drivers to embrace the thrill of Motorsport.

Kiarra Jones is not just a driver; she's a trailblazer. As one of the very few female drivers competing in Formula Ford, she's rewriting the script and showing the world that talent knows no gender. Currently, Kiarra holds the impressive position of 2nd in the Formula Ford 1600 Championship with only one Race remaining for the season, a testament to her skill, dedication, and unwavering determination.

Putting in the work!

The Power of Diversity...

At Anglo Racing Academy, we believe in the power of diversity in Motorsport. Kiarra's journey embodies the spirit of breaking stereotypes and proving that talent is the ultimate qualifier in racing. Her success sends a powerful message to all young girls with a dream of being on the track – "You can do it too."

We are proud to support Kiarra in her racing endeavours and champion her as an ambassador for female participation in Motorsport. But our commitment doesn't stop there. We encourage all aspiring female drivers to explore the world of Motorsport and embrace the thrill of Racing.

Motorsport Australia and the FIA offers invaluable resources and support for female drivers looking to take their first steps in Racing or Motorsport careers. Their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in Motorsport aligns perfectly with our mission at Anglo Racing Academy. We encourage you to explore their resources and take that first step towards your Racing dreams. Some of these resources can be found further down.

Kiarra Jones is a shining example of what can be achieved with passion, talent, and a determination to break barriers. Her journey is an inspiration to all, and her success is a testament to the limitless possibilities that await in the world of Motorsport.

Motorsport Australia / FIA Rescources

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Girls On Track Ambassadors & Inspiring Talent

Emily Duggan - Race Driver

“I believe humans can do anything and gender has nothing to do with our capabilities. You can see it as a limiting factor or not a factor at all. Coming from a different path into motor sport, I love to encourage girls to chase their dreams regardless of their past, where they come from or who tells them they can’t.” Instagram: @emilyduggan

Kiarra Jones - Race Driver

"Had a great day at the Melbourne Grand Prix with Girls On Track. I got to meet many inspiring women working in the Motorsport industry. Thank you to Motorsport Australia and Girls On Track for the once in a lifetime experience" Instagram: kiarrajonesracing

Kate Peck - TV Presenter

TV Host and former Australian Grand Prix Ambassador Kate Peck, describes herself as a "petrolette' and encourages young girls to consider a career in Motorsport, saying “I never knew any of this was possible until I gave it a crack”. Instagram: @katepeckme

Molly Taylor - Australian Rally Champion

There's a whole world of opportunities in motorsport, and how far you take it ultimately comes down to your desire and work ethic, not gender. To be able to help other girls experience the thrill of the sport and share that same passion is something pretty special." Instagram: @molly_rally

Nadine Armstrong - Motoring Journalist

"INSPIRE. CONNECT. EMPOWER. Simples. Motorsport Australia Girls On Track program shaping the future of Motorsport, one bright young clever girl at a time. LOVE to see it." Instagram: @nadine_drives

Jessica Nicholson - Race Director / Senior Motorsport Official

Instargram: @jessicanicholson88

Tenayah McLeod / Podcast Host & Girls On Track Champion

Instagram: @tenayahmcleod / @girlsonthegridpod

Imogen Radburn - Sportsperson & Formula Ford Driver

Instagram: imogen.radburn29

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